About Us

Club Monks


Who we are:-


We are a group of artists form different discipline sharing a common interest towards travelling.


Why with Us


This journey is all about exploring natural wonders of The Himalayas with artistic touch and being a group of artists what we can offer no one can!.


If you love nature, arts and travelling, 'club monks' is the best companion for you. We are the explorer of nature and life, through music, poetry, painting, travelling, camping and many more activities.


We feel that vacations are incomplete if it does not contains all the flavour of life. Travelling is not just about roaming around places to places, it’s about exploring the nature in natural way, sitting silently leaving behind all the stress of modern day to day life and listing to live music in the lap of the nature, enjoy freshly cooked food and spend your nights inside tens, only a thin barrier between you and

the open sky.


We are exploring the Himalayas. We have given shape to it.. you can also join us.

We are the children of the Himalayas. We Know Him and He Knows us. 

We are artists. We can offer no one els can.

Local Knowledge.

100%  Money Protected